סדנאות תיפוף סדנאות תיפוף

Looking for a Drumming workshop or a Drum circle? 

Duration: 30-75 minutes (at your choice)

Maximum number of participants: 70

Ages: 3-120

Language: Hebrew or English

Electrifying, powerful and relaxing  experience. Participants receive Darbuka drums and sit on mats or chairs, in a  circle. During the workshop we'll learn how to generate sounds from the Darbuka. We start with simple rhythms, advance to more complex rhythms, improvise,  and feel what it means to become part of a group that is swept away by rhythm and unites with it. We work with different  musical genres, suited to the group. The experience includes tension- release,  ice-breaking, laughter, relaxation , opening outward, as well as mystery and self generated surprise. The workshop is supervised by Oriya Mevorach, a professional drummer, and highly demanded workshop leader for over 12 years.

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